That night I had a dream…

The ambiance of the dream was dusky and filled with sexy vibes. I could see myself wearing something that can only be an ensemble from Loveday London in black leather and lace: The Superstition black Bodice Top, a matching thong and the divine superstition skirt. The good stuff I have been dying to get my hands on!

In my dream, I was in my boudoir and the men I’ve recently added to my little book of delights were all there. More Champagne anyone? They all replied by taking a step towards me and holding up their champagneflutes, so I could pour the bubbly love juice out, with its distinctive fizzy sound. All the studs thanked me with a kiss on my cheek, neck or lips…

A little bit later in my dream, I could see myself lying on my dusky pink satin sheets and one of the guys gently blindfolded me with a delicate lace veil-like mask (It could be the one from Cadolle, I’ve got folded away in my lingerie drawer). I could see myself being covered by hands, undressing me, stroking me, lips kissing me...

I could hear the aroused moans, mainly from me… Before I could finish dreaming this dream, I woke up… a little puddle...

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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