(Based on a story by Monica)

…No surprise, I did go home with him...with Gio and we both made the night worth our while. We were insatiable, the way we curled around each others body. We were stuck to one another. You wouldn’t have been able to stick a pin between us… After about 6 different positions, you can probably find in the Kama Sutra (but maybe we came up with a few new ones), we fell asleep… and continued our savage frolicking in our dreams…

I woke up first that morning and decided to make us a cup of coffee and a lill’ breakfast, he surely must be hungry right? I put on most of my clothes, to cover my nakedness, just in case the kitchen window would reveals all. So I dressed myself in my Belle et BonBon bra and string, my l’Agent stockings, one of my little dresses, the lacy black one from Amoralle and my golden Chanel peeptoes.

Then I found my way to the kitchen and figured out his coffee machine, without a hitch. I came across a fairly fresh baguette, I buttered it and added some cheese. I put it all on a tray and went back up stairs.

There in the bedroom, all was still quiet and I could see Gio lying there, only half of his nude body, covered by the duvet. Naked, sleeping…..he looked so damn handsome and sexy. I couldn’t help it, but my lust awoke and I surrendered to my instant arousal….

After I took a few sips of coffee, I sat the tray aside, removed my string and my wee black lacy dress and walked around the bed to his side. I moved the duvet, so I could see his whole naked body now. I could feel his warmth, he smelt of sleep and something animalistic. I gently kissed his shoulder, but he continued his slumber. I decided there and then not to wake him for a horny escapade. I wanted to wake him, while being amidst the act.

I moved my bra a bit so my soft breasts could glide over his naked back, my now hard nipples trailing a path over his warm skin…a literal TITillation! He made a little noise and shifted onto his back, but didn’t wake up. I noticed, that his manhood was also still asleep. I moved the duvet down a bit further and proceeded to plunge my boobs into the warmth of his loins. His breathing remained steady, but I did see that his lust was rising. I could see his shaft growing large and hard between my breasts. What could he be dreaming of...?

I slithered a little further over him, folded a long leg over his and moved my silky smooth stocking up and down his magnificent erection. He let out a moan, stirring a bit under me, but I continued to stroke him with my black stockinged thigh… His lust accrued even more solidity.

Finally the rest of his body woke up too. His hands glided from my waist up the way and he heaved a deep sigh with ecstasy. While he, barely awake, weighed my boobs with his hands and kneeded them, I slid his shaft inside me, warm, big and hard with anticipation…

It wasn’t long before he was right awake… Erupting in a loud cum-laden moan…

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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