I entered the comforts of my lovely Paris apartment and walked straight to my bedroom where I sat my bags down on my plush chaise longue in the corner. I took my shoes off and sat down on the chaise. With a huge smile, I started to unwrap the goodies I purchased today. Just look at those pretty wee dresses! Gotta love Marjolaine and Amoralle!

I took off most of my clothes and just wearing my Patrice Catanzaro & stockings I gave a little twirl towards my Bose sound system. I switched it on and gave a big spin on the volume dial, up the way. An awesome sexy surprise jumped from the speakers! Ginuwine’s Pony!

As a matter of fact, believe it or not, I’ve got a dancer pole installed in my bedroom. It’s mighty helpful in keeping myself very flexible.

I rhythmically swayed towards my dressing table and snatched my pony ears from the corner of my mirror, put it on my head and made it for my pole. I grabbed it and with velvety smooth fluent moves, I curled myself around it. In between the smooth moves from my hips and booty, I obeyed the beat with the required sharp naughty thrusts towards the pole…

Completely absorbed by the music and the pole, I totally forgot that my window was wide open! When the song faded out, I walked up to the window and looked out to the building across the street. Most of the windows were open and without any trouble I could count at least five men in those windows, grinningly applauding me…

So I took a gallant bow and treated them to a kiss I blew...

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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