You are something else. Naughty, naughty. You app me continuously. Your messages are too much fun to ignore. Your energy is contagious. I flourish, feel very much alive when you're fluttering near me. But I know you're a woman. So, I never give into your advances. In fact, I've even indicated a few times that you can no longer contact me. But you don't let anything, or anybody stop you.

To change my train of thoughts completely, I app my ex. Less than an hour later, we are indulging in a delicious dinner and ditto wine. The word 'ex' doesn't really cover it. We were never officially together as such. But we never really parted ways either. We still love seeing one another. But we don't want a relationship. We're not in love. But we do love each other very much. And we do thoroughly enjoy our time together. Our bodies intimately know one another and love being close.

It's going to be a fantastic night, and I even manage to forget about my phone for several hours. A night 'free of thinking about you'. A blissful night follows, as I can only expect being with you. You know exactly what I love. My more sensitive spots. We are masters in the art of kissing. Completely satisfied we fall asleep in each other's arms.

I had hardly slept a wink, when I was woken by the doorbell. Strange, it's only 7 AM and besides the package delivery guy, there is never any one at my door at this hour here in the heart of Amsterdam. I ignore it, but I noticed that it woke you too. When the doorbell rings for the second time, I have to get up and answer the door. Pffff. FUCK, it's you. “Hi, do you fancy breakfast in bed?” Including flowers and croissants. Shit shit shit. What can I do? But I don't get the chance to conjure up a plan, cause my ex shouts really loud from the bedroom “WHO IS THERE?”

And off you were.

I couldn't suppress a naughty smile...


Images; Pinterest

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