When I (eventually) left the ‘Boutique des Masques’, with a satisfied smile on my wee bit flushed face, I was the happy and proud owner of an absolutely divine venetian mask. The party,‘Fête De Folie Masqué’, is tomorrow! There will be mainly an aristocratic bunch of people there…and quite a few very sexy ones at that.

I plan to flaunt my stuff and mingle with the best and most lavish species… I am planning to leave everyone with a fantastic impression of myself, donned in my perfect little outfit, and my ultimate goal is to totally charm the pants off, of one in very particular... The sexiest of the lot!

I met him before at a party about a month ago. I didn’t catch his name though and we didn’t exchange numbers… We chatted a little and he told me he was going to the party I have been chasing the perfect outfit for and which is tomorrow, the ‘Fête De Folie Masqué’. He had complimented me on my revealing ensemble, which showed off my Lascivious lingerie and I haven’t been able to get him out of my head ever since really. Tall, dark, handsome… which might sound a bit cliché, but he added a little more to this divine formula. Was it his eyes? His voice perhaps?

Anyway… it was not like me, but I just lost him in the crowd before I had the chance to persuade him into a tiny little but a quite lewd proposal. I definitely got my mind set on him and I definitely gonna get my merry way with him… Just the thought sends a delicious flutter throughout my body.

But first, I’ll need to lay my hands on some gorgeous heels. So off to the shoe shops for me!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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