Sizzling Shoot

(Based on a story by Monica)

Today Lucien suggested he would love to do a photoshoot at my place, with me as his...ahum…“humble” subject. He hasn’t been here yet, the past couple of days I’ve been spending at his beautiful sexy apartment! Well, wait till he sees my stripper pole in my bedroom, wink wink….

Anyway, today is the day and of course I went home ahead of him, so I could don myself in something ravishing!

He already proposed that he would like me to wear a corset, so I decided on a stunning black corset by l’Agent called Penelope, this sexy thing is hugging me ever so tenderly. No doubt I can tease him quite a bit with this one! I am wearing this stunner, together with a pair of racy little Geisha panties from Cadolle and a lovely pair of stockings also by l’Agent. Over the top, of course to be kinda dressed when I open the door to him, I am now wearing the “Your everything” sheer blouse from Shell Belle Couture. I can’t help it, but I just drool over the little dotty figures in the sheer fabric of the blouse! I finished this outfit off with my sassy skirt from Lascivious.

It wasn’t long before the clock struck sexy six and that’s when my doorbell rang. I beamed a smile when I opened the door, he covered me with his arms and gave me a subtle but lingering kiss on my lips. I beckoned him to come in and he looked around my apartment while walking towards my lounge area. I went to the kitchen to pour us a glass of velvety smooth red wine and sashayed my way back over to him for some sips & a little chitchat…

I was thinking how hot it was that he suggested to me, what I should wear for this occasion and he didn’t choose something like a stunning half cup bra, which he has seen me wearing before… He wanted to see me and ahum… photograph me in a corset.

I could feel the excitement rising in me when he picked up his camera, but because we were “home”, I wasn’t nervous. I probably would be if the camera was in the hand of a stranger… although… was I nervous when he cheekily, first photographed me in my bedroom, from across his apartment? I didn’t know him then… hmmm so much for thinking I was a little timid at times.

As per his instructions, I position myself on my comfy and damn handsome fauteuil. This fauteuil is excellent for all kinds of poses & positions too… Without further ado, I took of my skirt & blouse for him with flair. Even while doing that I could hear the shutter going click click click… I opened one or two of the fastenings of my corset, just enough and just stopping my boobs from falling out completely… Then he asks me If I can undo my corset a bit more, but I reply ‘maybe later’...

I get up, grab the camera from his hands & push him over to the fauteuil. I strip him of his shirt and admire his torso...toned, excellent muscle coverage & a sumptuous tan to go with the package. I hold up the camera and start to capture him while he playfully humors me with a couple of manly poses. Then his shoes and socks come off, but his snug jeans are staying on for a moment longer… I watch him, intensely enjoying this and I let the camera fire away. One handedly I unhook another fastening of my corset. My boobs are balancing on the edge of the half open corset, it can hardly restrain them from falling out now. I am now commanding him to undo his trousers and to push them down some, just enough to reveal his bulging package. I take one step closer and I get the camera to zoom in on his lower body, his abbed stomach, his erect manhood… Click click click... My corset creaks when I bend over, and I release my breasts.

When he sees them spilling out, his eyes instantly dilate and he moves his hand towards his proud manliness. Then he starts to stroke himself, while he glances at me, moving his eyes from my legs up to my breasts… I encourage him to continue stroking himself, while the camera flashes away. His strong hand, the movement of his muscles in his arm, with a little aura of sun-bleached hair and his eager, aroused dick... I put the camera to the side, but keep it within reach and I take over from him. He is in ecstasy when I grab his balls with one hand and with the other one, I slowly but firmly caress his member. His hand is now reaching for my legs, pulling down my undies and revealing my now naked lower body… Feeling my damp lust with his fingertips, he makes sure I get spoiled down there too.

Then I can sense from his vibrating body and his breathing that he can’t contain himself a lot longer. His trousers dropped to the floor and I could feel him entering me with vigour...big, firm and hard. I grab the camera, look at his face and I can tell that the moment is nearly there…. When I then press the release button on the camera,I can feel your excitement explode…..

Click click click!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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