We were alone on that park bench under the stars
No need for too many words, we kept that sparse
He looked at me, gazing deeply into my eyes
A sexy crooked smile, he's ever so hunky and nice

I glance at his gaze as he parts his lips a little bit
He leaned in, I was waiting for this I must admit
I pucker mine, eagerly waiting for his lips' graze
A little moist, greedily, tender, I am set ablaze

With vigor but in slow motion our tongues entwine
Then sensually slow his moist lips part from mine
Kissing my neck, down and down the motion goes
At a slow pace, he paves his way, till my skin glows

In slow motion my sheer top becomes quite undone
He caresses my chestly curves second to none
Nipples hard and down, downward he fares on
In slow motion, like an accomplished don juan

Below, a barrier of fabric is slowly, gently removed
Baring my netherest lips, he kisses where it's grooved
Lips on pink, glistening with moisture, it's to his taste
Roused, aroused, manhood proud, but still no haste

With succulent glazed, honeyed lips, he comes up for air
I undo his fabric restrictions, his proud manhood now bare
In slow motion he connects us with heaven, our moans deep
He thrusts, eager, crescendo, release, drenched we steep


Images: Pinterest

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