I miss you. We haven’t really been together for a little while now. You were travelling a lot for work. And when you were around, I was busy with events and exhibitions. Our agenda’s were everything but synchronized. It was fleeting. I miss our quality time. I notice that about you too.

Tonight, you are coming home from London. I cleared my agenda for us. Tonight, is ours. Though very subtle, I did give you a glimmer of this. You can sense me perfectly and to proof that, you just sent me an app-message telling me that you will take an earlier flight. My heart just leapt!

I first wanted to book a table at a restaurant, but that might have been a waste of our precious time. No doubt the food would be delicious, but I just want to taste you. I am composing a plan. I get lots of delightful goodies from the gourmet shop, so I can spend the rest of the time on other matters: myself. And after that, on you. I will take my sweet time to bathe, dress up in something stunning and romantically embellish the house. Light some candles, fire up the hearth, Stephane Pompougnac in the background. I select a beautiful red wine.

When I pose in front of the mirror I am in two minds about a couple of little dresses, I muse about our 'early days'. As a former dancer, I absolutely loved slowly undressing myself for you. And to let my curves rhythmically dance for you. Dramatically slow… your gaze speaking volumes. I enjoyed that so intensely! And the sheer ecstasy afterwards was always alluring. One of my favorite little dresses for this was from Murmur, with lots of popper-buttons (see my picture).

I will wear it again tonight. With a beautiful bra and suspenders underneath. A pair of stockings. No panties. I am going to drive him wild with delirium.

And tomorrow morning? I already know you will be missing your flight. With pleasure!

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