A little package was delivered just there. Or actually it was a very sturdy envelope. I hardly ever get post... With curiosity, I open it. A prettily wrapped flat parcel falls from the envelope. The shape looks kind of familiar. When I rip off the paper it reveals a pair of stockings. Stunning stockings: Cut & Curled nude and black seamed stockings by Maison Close. I am very pleasantly surprised. The package has to come from you. I know how much you love seeing me in beautiful stockings.

At home you act like there is nothing special going on. I do the same, because I will surprise you later with it. When you settle on the couch ever so relaxed, I say, as casual as I possibly can: "babe, I am going to change into something different, okay?".

In the bedroom I get my gorgeous Webbed suspenders by Bordelle out. The straps hug tightly around my voluptueus hips and bottom. Ever so delicately, I slide the thin stockings over my legs and attach the metal clips. They are absolutely divine. When my legs glide together they make this sexy rustling sound...

What will I wear over this lush ensemble?

This time, I am not going for subtle, but for explicit. Something that shows there is no doubt about my naughty intentions. A transparent top by Murmur. Ultra thin, sensuously revealing. Usually I would wear a push up bra underneath, tonight I am going for a pair of provocative pasties.

And for the rest? Nothing else. Except for a pair of black heels. I would feel naked without.

What I see in the full-length mirror pleases me. My legs look so much longer, leaner and are sharply outlined by the very sheer, nude and black nylons. My natural breasts move freely underneath my delicate, thin top; Maybe they are not as firm, but they are beautifully full. I turn around. Above the Cut & Curl of the stockings, my naked buttocks.

When I enter the livingroom again, your pupils dilate. You say nothing, I slowly sashay back and forth. My nylons make their little sexy rustling sound. Your gaze follows me, intensly, mesmerized. With a couple of quick movements I pull off your shirt and take off your jeans and before I know it you're naked. You're already mighty aroused.

You push me towards the couch, I let myself fall backwards, I can feel your weight and your strong body. Through the thin nylons I feel you against my thigh, hard, warm, pulsating... A hand glides over the curve of my calf to the soft back of my thigh. Your throbbing heat slithers up, caressing my naked skin above my stocking. You lift up my leg with vigor and then I can feel you inside me. Exquisite. I wrap one of my stocking-ed legs around your hip and fully surrender to the indulgence.

A bit later we lie in each others arms, lusciously revelling in the afterglow. With admiration, you glide your hand over my leg, over the smooth nylon of my stocking. "Absolutely stunning... where did you buy them?". I swallow. I just realised something.

I didn't get them from you.

"Oh, I just happen to come across them somewhere..."


A story by: M.

Images; Pinterest

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