...When I exited the comforting and cleansing bubbles of the bath, it was time to get ready for the ‘Fête De Folie Masqué’. Tonight's the night!

I dried myself off and leisurely covered myself in a sumptuous body cream from 210th. Then it was high time to get dressed. So I put on my beautiful lingerie from Belle et BonBon, my back seamed stockings from l’Agent, followed by my mix of Gold & Black dresses from respectively Marjolaine and Amoralle. And now for a lil’ ‘moment suprême’…. slipping on my golden Chanel peep toes. Then I done my make-up and I styled my hair.

Then I grabbed my mask and left my apartment when the taxi had announced its arrival. I swiftly arrived at the party, its lavish decor and gorgeous people. I put on my mask, glanced at myself in a mirror at the entrance and stepped into the party area… A beautiful ballroom met me, filled with music, gold & black, masks and buzzing happy people.

I met up with a friend of mine at the bar and ordered a couple of glasses of champagne. Then we went and mingled with the crowd. I had described to my friend what the beau looked like, who I had met at a party before and that he got my heart racing. I told her that for some reason I forgot to ask his name and his number, but that he had said he would be at this party.

Then she suddenly whispered in my ear that she could see him! And I discreetly looked in the direction she was pointing, instantly the corners of my mouth curled up the way and felt a little flutter in my tummy. We headed in his direction and when we were close, my friend went to talk to some of her acquaintances.

I made a beeline for him and with every second I was getting closer, my heart was beating faster. Now I was right in front of him and from the way he started to smile, I clearly read he recognized me. ‘So, what’s your name then, stud?’ I asked… He gently grabbed my hand and said his name was Gio, then proceeded to kiss the back of my hand. My hand lingered in his and he didn’t let go, he just pulled me a little closer while we small-talked and smiled at one another. His hands were now gliding over my bum and we were quiet for a bit, holding our breath and gazing in each others eyes. He moved his lips towards mine and he kissed me, which felt totally electric.

He then started to guide me through the crowd and we found an unlocked side-room. We giggled like naughty children when we went in and locked the door behind us. The room looked like an office, with its leather covered desk… On the threshold he pulled me towards him and kissed me with urge. We took off our masks and his hands went up my dresses and found my skin, which goose pimpled instantly… My dresses came off quickly, revealing my lingerie. He lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he proceeded to carry me to the desk. He sat me down on it and took off his jacket, shirt, showing off his guns and magnificent body. After he lowered his trousers and underwear, he slid my undies aside and he entered my anticipating pussy with his throbbing big member... It was no use trying to suppress our moans, we had to let it all out! We were just so turned on by each other…

After he came with a lot of sexy noise, he made sure to take care of my needs, by playing with my lil’ clit, just the way I love it… Then I climaxed quite loudly… that was definitely a multiple, it felt like time stopped for a while there….did I hear an angelic Hallelujah from cloud nine? My chest was heaving, when he kissed me and we collapsed in each others arms…

After we cleaned ourselves up and put our masks back on, we strutted back into the ballroom, we danced...closely, intimately, sexily… I am so going home with him tonight!

Tonight was THE night and hopefully there are a few more like this one to come.... Oh Gio!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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