While walking into the space, I think to myself "all these receptions are the same: be beautiful, shaking hands, polite conversations, involuntary kisses, listening to speeches and applauding afterwards. Boring..." Hopefully you will be there too.

First, I don't see you anywhere and I feel slightly dissapointed. But suddenly there you are, you're at the entrance. You are running late. You look so good: A ravishing suit, stylish and a touch of casual nonchalance. Rebellious, untamed. I feel a flutter in my tummy. I walk up to you and you quickly spot me. I notice you looking me up and down. And again. You're not the only one. I intentionally pace my walk a little, wiggling my high heels. The thin fabric of my smart dress, betrays all the motions of my curves. It's not lost on you. Others see it too. I let them. And I leave them guessing.

We greet each other like well acquaintanced people, with a kiss on the cheek, but I sense the tension in your eyes. You smell so good. We talk a little about work, but my thoughts are somewhere else completely. My thoughts are with your muscular body underneath that white shirt. They are with my brazen lingerie underneath my thin dress. My thoughts are with your hands sliding down the zipper on my back, baring my upper body as my dress slips down, past my arms. Your eyes eagerly admiring my bosom, the straps of my open cup bra taut around them. I let my dress glide past my hips and legs onto the ground, revealing my matching open panties and my thin nude hold-ups to you. Your hands test the weight of my breasts, your lips find mine. Your hands move to my bum, as naked as my breasts. Suddenly I am leaning on a table, you squat between my stockinged legs. My open panties inviting you to taste me, to spoil me, to make me glow with pleasure. I close my eyes and I sink into a succulent daze...

"Would you like another drink, madam?"It startled me out of my daydream and I noticed the inquiring eyes of the waitor. "Uhm, no thank you." I look back at you and I see an amused twinkling in your eyes. "Where were you ?" "No idea... but you were there too..." You smile."Well, let's go there...wherever it might be."

~*~ A story by M.

Images: Pinterest

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