When Santa came…

...So I did set up a Christmas tree with sexy flair; black lace ribbons, golden baubles & stars… I made my apartment all cosy and festive. But I was missing something… Something hot & extremely good looking, to test-drive my newest ravishing Yuletide lingerie from Pleasurements on. As Lucien, who I spent quite a bit of time with in the past weeks, is away on business, I have to come up with someone else to entertain or/and to be entertained by, this jolly season… Eagerly I flicked through my little book of delightful ‘men-flesh’ and came across one name, which brought back a few naughty memories! Franco! Owner of ‘Boutique des Masques’, here in Paris.

I gave him a call and started to stutter a bit when I heard his warm deep voice… After a little catch-up, I posed to him to come around for Christmas eve and he accepted my invitation with sexy & very manly enthusiasm. He said he would come around bearing gifts

For Christmas eve, I donned myself in my gorgeous new lingerie from Pleasurements, silky stockings from Chantal Thomass, a little black dress by Patrice Catanzaro and as finishing touch, I draped a silk, soft pink cover-up over my shoulders, by Moeva London.

Just when I stepped into a pair of lovely pink heels, my doorbell rang and I sashayed to the door. I opened it and I instantly laughed out loud, as standing there on the threshold was a very sexy Santa! Giving me a HoHoHo! I beckoned him to come in and poured ourselves some champagne while he added his gifts under the tree. Then we settled next to one another on the settee…his eyes wandering over my body, naughtily licking his top lip with the tip of his tongue. While we chatted, his hand moved from the back of the couch, to my thigh, making me tingle all over…

Before I knew it, he found my lips, wet with champagne and kissed me with vigor. Oh, his tongue, deliciously sweet-tasting & I slowly melted… Then he rose up, took one of his gifts from underneath the Christmas tree and handed it to me… I unwrapped it with a smile to find a gorgeous lace blindfold - mask, which he took from me and gently covered my eyes with… He then proceeded to kiss me, moving his lips from my mouth to my neck, making me goose-pimple all over… He now reached my bosom area and stopped to tenderly peel my dress from my skin… I could feel him pausing to take in my lingerie attire underneath, his hands slowly slid across my boobs, heating me up… His lips found my cleavage, then my tummy and my body responded with an excited, anticipating quiver. Next I heard his santa costume slid to the floor and through the lace I could see, all he wore underneath was a toned and tanned body and a pair of tight black shorts… He motioned his head towards me again and I could feel his hot breath between my thighs. Moisture and a little pressure followed… I realised that his tongue had found my labia and I softly moaned.He pulled down my panties and continued to circle my little swollen center… My breathing accelerated and my arousal elevated to the max. Then I could feel a rock solid warmth and thrusts between my legs, which brought me right to the edge of heaven. It wasn’t long before we simultaneously reached that ambrosial place and exclaimed loud moans to announce our arrival…

No need to tell you I had an (s)excellent and wonderful Christmas! I hope yours was divinely brilliant too!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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