...I left the heavenly bubbles of my bath, dried myself off, moisturized my skin with 210th Body Cream and got dressed. My lingerie of choice today is the divine Iana bra by l‘Agent, of course with matching thong. Over this I decided to put on my fab full sleeve lace bodysuit by Amoralle, limited edition Chantal Thomass stockings and combined it all with my favorite leather skirt by Pretty Wild.

Just when I was about to slip my heels on, my phone rang... When I picked it up, a massive smile conjured itself onto my face, it was Lucien, the super hot photographer! He explained that he will be landing in Paris tomorrow night and he wondered if we could maybe get together. He reminded me of all the things he wanted to do to me and added a few more things to his todo list of pleasures… My cheeks flushed a reddish hue from anticipation! When I hang up, I couldn’t wipe the smirk of my face!

I quickly applied my make-up, fluffed my hair and went on my merry way to catch the meeting to help my associates come up with a new charity to hold a lavish event for. When I arrived at the mansion, the organisation owns, most of the members were just arriving as well. We all spilled into the library, sat at the huge table and the meeting kicked off nicely.

Then my mind started to wander… I could pick him up at the airport, couldn’t I? And at the airport, we could have a wee glass of bubbly before finding a little secluded space with enough wriggle room for just the two of us… A restroom? I fantasized about how that would go down… Would he have enough room to go down on me? Maybe that option would be too small…

If we would go to a Star Alliance lounge, we could maybe hijack one of their shower facilities? Hmmmm…..I am sure we could fit in there! I started to visualize it all… I could see us rushing to take our clothes off, a few buttons lost in action. Our mouths open, tongues flicking and licking. Lips being bitten and kissed better again. Our skins being caressed by each other's fingers and fluids being spilled. A throbbing member, a moist anticipating orifice, conjoining...

“Uhm, Ms. P., what’s your take on the matter?” “I think it is absolutely marvelous!”, I replied...

Let’s do it!

With Pleasure, Ms.P.

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