Bérénice V knows how to capture the essence of erotic lingerie

A woman who deserves to be brought to your attention, Bérénice V. This very talented woman is a creative wonder. Give her a rope and she ties some intricate knots in an artful way, not some easy knots but knots in the famous Japenese theme: Kinbaku. Give her a camera and she knows how to snap a picture perfect. From fashion, beauty, portrait, editorial, advertising to film. Bérénice V does it all. Even with make-up and hair she can create wonders. I especially love her photography, she often snaps beautiful models in erotic lingerie. And what do I love?! O yes, erotic lingerie. Especially when erotic lingerie is photographed sensual yet very elegant. Maybe because she is a fashionable woman herself, she knows how to capture nudity in an artful, fashionable way. Hereby I want to show you a compilation of photos shot by Bérénice V. I'm curious about your opinion. Absolutely dazzling, right…? And do you like to bridal lingerie Bordelle, as seen in this picture? Check out our bridal lingerie selection, including Bordelle pieces.
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