If you love art and erotica you can visit bookstores, galleries and other hidden gems in the city, but in 2018 you don’t necessarily have to anymore. Because even though it’s a big part of today’s social media landscape, Instagram forms an endless source of inspiration as well. Whether you’re into cooking, arts or gardening, for every interest there are at least a handful dedicated accounts. And so it was just a matter of time before certain accounts would not only rise to fame very quickly but also serve as an accessible and share-friendly online portfolio. Enter the Instagram account of Tina Maria Elena Bak, @tinamariaelena. The 32 year old Danish has the most beautiful erotic art flowing out of her brushes and straight onto her page on the popular app. “I feel that good erotic art is when a painting or drawing touches something in me. When, just by looking at it, it sparks my imagination. If I remember that painting or drawing weeks later, then I know it has made an impact. Art should never be forgettable”, Tina explains in an interview with Glamour. Not only is Tina’s work a joy for the eye, the fact that her work displays the beauty of sensual nature from a woman’s point of view is definitely a reason for us to love her work even more. Click here to visit her Instagram page where you can see all Tina’s art. Of course you can also buy her art via

Photos by Tina Maria Elena Bak, @tinamariaelena

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