I could feel the sun warming my cheek when I woke up and realized that I left the curtains of my huge window open again last night. I stood up and plucked my revealing negligee from the chair and with a quick flick, I wrap it around me while I proceed to my large window.

Gazing outside, I can feel a pair of eyes looking right at me and I concentrate on the building across the street. Then I spotted him and his sexy smile. "He is quite a looker”, flashes through me, I can actually feel a little flutter in my tummy and I lightly touch my negligee right there. I smile back and suddenly realize that my negligee is in fact pretty translucent.

Then I make out a large telephoto-lens emerging, he squeezes one eye shut and I can quite clearly see that his index finger presses the release-button. He has captured me ....

I think it’s now my turn to react in some way and grab my hand mirror and my lipstick from the dresser next to the window and resume my spot by the window, where my negligee becomes just a little more undone, revealing a bit more cleavage. In one fluid motion, I turn a little sideways, throw my hips slightly forward, hold up the mirror and at my most sultry, I apply the lipstick. He answers my "show in negligee" with a more bashful but such a sexy smile, while he ruffles his curly hair ....

By the way, my name is Ms. Pleasurements and I now know where I'm going to get my breakfast….I worked up quite an appetite there! Yummie!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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