Luxury, self-confidence and beauty are the first words that come to mind, when I think of our collection by Amoralle. Bodysuits which are a tribute to your feminine curves, dresses that gracefully move with your body and do not hide your contours, lingerie too beautiful to be covered by your clothes. Amoralle gives you that wonderful luxury, but remains very comfortable. I find it hard to define Amoralle. To pigeonhole it. Is it lingerie? No, it is beyond lingerie. Is it ready-to-wear? Not completely, but it is in combination with other clothing. For example, with an additional slip dress or a skirt to wear with the bodysuit. Is it loungewear? No, that would just not suffice either. Just like nightwear. But if nightwear would be described as being evening wear, or as fashion to wear at night (but not to sleep in) then you would be very close to defining it. Nightwear, lingerie, loungewear and ready-to-wear, Amoralle is all of this. Depending on your mood, your moment ánd your creativity. Curious to see how I wear Amoralle? Keep an eye on my blog!
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