~ Seriously beautiful lingerie, inside and out…at Pleasurements ~

Sure, everybody wants beautiful lingerie, right?
But when is it genuinely beautiful?

Of course you expect it to look gorgeous, sexy, sensual and breathtaking, but you also want it to be made with love, that it will stay beautiful for years to come & you want the exquisitely well-made stuff…
We're looking for flawless, not for anything futile.

~ Yes, we all want beautiful lingerie for sure! ~

Nowadays it's also very important to think about where products come from; Is it fairtrade? Is it handmade? Is it produced in Europe? Is it sustainable?
The fabrics that are being used in beautiful lingerie are also of great significance and we're all (hopefully) definitely going in that sustainable direction with our ideas.

Also at Pleasurements sustainability, in addition to all the beauty, has become of great importance.
Pleasurements continues to diligently search for the most beautiful exclusive lingerie, that is fairly and sustainably produced in Europe.

~ Fabulously Fair ~

It's therefore wonderful to point out that many, very many eminent luxury lingerie brands are increasingly creating ethically responsible, sustainable products.
Pure craftsmanship with the help of, for example, pattern makers from the world of couture, made in Europe (often handmade), with Peace Silk, with the most beautiful lace fabrics like Leavers lace, with gold-plated gold hardware…it's designer lingerie at its best & at its most beautiful!

~ Beautiful on the outside and on the inside ~

Genuine, sincerely beautiful lingerie & fair, sustainable products, that's just what we utterly love at Pleasurements.
For us, it's always an absolute lust and pleasure to be able to supplement our erotic couture collections with beauty that is not only ruthlessly magnificent on the outside, but also knows how to radiate just that from the inside out in a gigantic glorious way.

~ Ravishingly Resonating harmonies~

Take a look at the luxury brands that you can find at Pleasurements such as Bordelle, Tisja Damen & Studio Pia, etc. They make almost everything by hand and use the most delightful materials to harmoniously compose their most glamorous exclusive designer lingerie.

Yes, we love beautiful lingerie that is stunning on the in- and outside…

With beautiful sustainable love,

~ * ~

Images: Pleasurements

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