We realize it's just so easy to get used to dressing down, now we've been spending so much time at home.
And then you glance at yourself in the mirror and sigh…
"What am I reflecting here?", you might wonder.
Where has your self-love gone?
You usually dress so sharp, classy, sexy, breasts forward, donning those 'oh so' high heels, well-styled hair, beautifully radiant make-up, with blood-red lips to match…


Nothing says self-love, then dressing up!
It will have you smiling in no time.
It will have a huge impact on how you feel on the inside.
It will make you feel so much better.
Even when you don't need to go anywhere, in the likes of these Corona-mad times, do yourself a humongous favor and Dress Up!
Now catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror, breasts forward, smiling, you're gorgeous!
Exuding self-confidence, with a sexy glow, fully energized and so ready to face another day…


We're here for you, mes chéries, we're sooooo here for you!
Even now.
Well, actually now even more than ever, really.
We love giving you a hand in revamping yourself again in sublime, sexy style.
We want you to do yourselves that lusty, giant favor and have you smiling that stunning smile again by dressing up.


So, here are some ideas for you to rekindle that self-love for your outer- but also for your inner-self.
We've got an awesome array of erotic lingerie of course, but did you have a close look at our mighty sexy, lush and luxurious Ready-To-Wear too?

Why don't we start with some of that delectably sexy lingerie? And then we amp it up from there.

Start, for example, with the Kew open bra by Bordelle, with its glorious straps and beautiful Victoriana like embroidery.

Then that would call for a sumptuous matching item for your bottom half and that could be the perfectly sexy, high waist brief from the same Kew collection by Bordelle.

Over this ensemble, we can recommend a beautiful see-through dress, or perhaps a lovely skirt and sexy top.
Or something like the deliciously fringy Lota dress by DSTM, you'll rock those fringes for sure and it will have you dancing and prancing.

And a pair of perfectly beautiful boudoir heels could make your -Dress up and smile- outfit complete…

If you want to add some more pizzazz and inject a sexy ambiance to your surroundings, we've got some mighty fine (massage-) candles with divine fragrances to amp up just that too. Do make sure to spoil yourself even further, by massaging in the oils released by these massage candles.
Your skin will be ever so grateful!

Love yourself
Dress up
Don't dress down!

Lots of love,


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