The sultry sun is asking to be worshipped this summer and of course, we obey this star.
So, we venture outside in our bikini's ( maybe only a bikini bottom) and sunbathe, trying to get a luscious tan, without getting burned to a frazzle…
There are so many benefits to be reaped from exposure the almighty sunshine and it, for example, will amp up your vitamin D fantastically, it will boost those lovely serotine levels which makes you feel happy and you get a sexy tan! But, of course, everything in moderation, okay?

Most of us have got a nice bronzing routine going, but a few tips to help achieve a beautiful golden tan and be safe, might come in handy, right?

Here we go and here we glow:

1~Prep your skin:

While you shower, exfoliate your face and body to get rid of dead skin cells.
If you can, it might be good to do this the night before you're heading out to sunbathe.
After this top layer is rinsed away, it will promote a more even tan.
Maybe you like to make your own scrub ( mix granulated sugar with honey for example) or for a more luxury one, you should defo try 210th gorgeous body scrub!
This body scrub has got a beautiful subtle scent and will leave your skin silky smooth.
On top of being absolutely lush, 210th has got a sensual assignment hidden behind a QR code in the packaging of their Body Care Line!


After showering and exfoliating to prevent your skin from getting dry; Moisturize!
(These preps are better to do the day/night before you get your tan going)
You could use any body cream, but how about the sexcellent, exquisite Body Cream by 210th.
This rich body cream will sublimely pamper your skin with all its antioxidants, vitamin E and subtle scent…
And oh! Don't forget to scan the QR code inside the packaging for a new sensual assignment.


Before soaking up the rays of the sun, make sure you covered your face and body with a good sunscreen, preferably with a decent SPF, cause you really don't want to get burned.
Good to know: The slower you tan, the longer it lasts!
Not all like to use a higher SPF because they think that they won't get a tan, or it will take ages…
But apparently, if you develop a tan a bit slower, it will last a longer.

And you know what might pique your interest?
This bit of magic called Sunforgettable Brush by Colorescience
It can be applied under or over your make-up, it's sheer, natural-looking, with a powerful SPF.

4~Okay, now you can bronze away:

When sunbathing, do it responsibly and make sure to move around and giving your skin a rest in the shade, especially between 11 and 16 o'clock, when the sun is at its hottest.
Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and reapply your sunscreen at least every 2 hours.


After your day of getting your tan on, have a lovely shower, GENTLY scrub your skin again (just do this very regularly), moisturize and then it's time to show of your golden glow…
Hmmm, maybe a lingerie inspired ivory top by Murmur ?
And uhm, a pencil skirt with a high slit by Maison Close!
Plus, of course, a pair of stunning stilettos.

Ooh Lalah!
You glow girl!


Images: Pinterest

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