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All women want to look stunning. Not only by night but also by day and especially on the beach. Pleasurements has more than succeeded in providing the most stunning looks in the bedroom with her sensual, feminine, classy and luxurious couture lingerie. Now it's time for Pleasurements to take up the challenge and help women find the ultimate luxurious beach couture. This season we proudly introduce to you our first beach couture selection by Aqua di Lara and by Parah. Both brands offer you a complete different style, but both styles are very sexy, one of a kind and luxurious. Aqua di Lara swimwear is glamourous, fashionable, extravagant and sexy. Each Aqua di Lara piece is beautifully tailored and has daring cuts, this creates the most sexy and unique showstoppers. Wear Aqua di Lara to a pool or beach party and you will automatically be the centre of attention. Many if not all heads will turn into your direction. Are you ready to handle the attention? Parah on the other hand is more subtle. Parah swimwear is very classy and feminine. The deerskin details give the Parah mix & match swimwear collection its luxurious appeal. Each item of the Parah mix & match collection enhances the female body. So if you are looking for something comfortable, luxurious, classy yet very sexy, Parah may be the right option for you. Discover your most appealing beach couture at                      
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