~Erotic Lingerie~

Yes, you've got erotic lingerie and Ooh Lalaaah designer chic, classy, high-end erotic lingerie…
Chic erotic lingerie? Does that exist in this sexy universe?
Oh yes, it does! It definitely exists!
In the lingerie-Amsterdam-galaxy, not that far away, you can find erotic lingerie at this true gem of a place, called Pleasurements.
And at Pleasurements, we're seriously, exquisitely good at separating the wheat from the chaff…
What's leftover is stunning designer lingerie collections, stuff that sexy dreams are made off.

Luxury lingerie with a classy, sassy, ravishing design aesthetic.
At this slice of heaven, at this lingerie shop in Amsterdam called Pleasurements they meticulously manage to select only the finest, most sensuous, erotic lingerie from designers like; Bordelle, Maison Close, Studio PIA, Patrice Catanzaro, Fraulein Kink, Coco de Mer, Tisja Damen, The Model Traitor, Loveday London and many others…
A delight to the eye, instantly rousing, lush, luxurious Erotic Lingerie…

~ Why is Erotic Lingerie from Pleasurements a sexy Christmas gift idea?~

Well, it used to be so hard to find the perfect (cup)size for your body; there are just so many size charts in this world!
It can be highly confusing…
Also, how hard would it be if your lover wants to buy gorgeous erotic lingerie for you as, for example, a Christmas gift?

It so happens that Pleasurements is avidly passionate about Easy Sizing…
What do we mean when we say Easy Sizing?
With Easy Sizing we mean sizes like; Small, Medium, Large, etc.
And adding to this, most erotic lingerie is very adjustable, to make sure it always compliments your luscious bod beautifully.
It makes it so much easier to buy erotic lingerie as a sexy gift now, doesn't it?

It's that time again, it's Christmas-time and the time for gift-giving, presents under the Christmas tree, love, passion and more goodie-good stuff.
Spoil yourself or spoil her with erotic lingerie gifts from Pleasurements…

And it might be cold outside, but it will be sizzling hot & spicy in the boudoir this Christmas.

Merry XXX-Mas ya'll!


Images: Pleasurements

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