~Body jewelry, sexy clubwear and erotic clothing from Escora~

Looking for an amazingly beautiful body jewel?
Or are you planning on attending a sexy, chic party and have you got your sights set on erotic clothing for that special occasion?
A see-through dress or a lace one?
Have you ever heard of Escora?

Escora is the answer to the desire to garnish yourself to perfection with sublime body jewelry, super sexy clubwear and delicious erotic clothing.
This brand has been around for a while, about 150 years now. It all started as a corset factory in Germany and with their innovations, they mainly served the court and well-to-do ladies. Escora is also responsible for the invention of the still mighty loved shelf bra. Gradually, their arsenal of blissful odes to the female body expanded with sexy clubwear, erotic clothing and beautiful body jewelry…

~Welcome to Pleasurements, Escora!~

… How unbelievably thrilled, filled with lust and ecstatic we are to welcome Escora here at Pleasurements!
And it turns out that everyone was waiting for this, because before we knew it, many of their items were already sold out.
Of course we'll be replenishing this wonderful, divine stock of erotic clothing, sexy clubwear and body jewelry again soon, mès chéries!

With lots of love & ambrosial erotic clothing,

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