You'll be showing your pearly whites just a tad more, when you wear a pearl thong by Bracli... Bracli...A brand name derived from a combination of the following words; The Spanish word BRAga and CLItoris. Braga=underwear and the second word is quite familiar...I hope ;-)... That's got your attention already, right?

Bracli has a certain signature design that will have you smiling... Sensual sensations are assured when moving around, wearing these beauts by Bracli!

Their lingerie looks mighty enticing, sexy & classy. The gorgeous lace hugs you ravishingly and then...THE PEARLS! Attached to the lush lace, there is a bit of beautiful shimmering jewelry; A string of smooth, luxurious, tantalizing pearls. That string of pearls, will stimulate your erogenous zones and amp up any delectable erotic bedroom antics you might have in mind...

We love lingerie and we love jewelry. So girls, add some Bracli to your ~love~ life and Glam up your Clam!


Images : Pleasurements & Pinterest

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