Show it off ladies, show off how chic and stylish you really are!
That includes beautiful luxury lingerie, lingerie that you parade stunningly, even if it is just a luxurious glimmer…
Let it peek through your (transparent) outerwear beautifully, catch the spotlight and show a touch of that beautiful lace, or those magnificently well rendered straps with 24k gold details.

Ultra luxury designer lingerie is there and exists to be seen and not just in the boudoir.
You're the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, the embodiment of good taste and beauty and you carry yourself gorgeously accordingly…

Is there also designer lingerie with a wonderfully daring, bold edge? So, then we could also speak of luxury erotic lingerie?
Take a ravishing quarter cup bra, an open bra that allows you to show off more of that beautiful bosom of yours!
Oh! And while on the subject; How wonderful is it, that there are these irresistible, beautiful, classy pasties!
Together with that lush open bra, under a transparent top or blouse? Hmmm, that is such an exquisitely dreamy visualization!

Yup, being in the lap of luxury lingerie suits you so deliciously…


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