~Who's Penelope anyway?~

In Greek mythology, Penelope is the daughter of Icarius and because of her beauty was a coveted suitor for several princes from Greece. Her father, in order to prevent the princes from fighting and clashing over her, got his prospective sons-in-law to participate in games where the stake was Penelope's hand. The winner of the games was Odysseus and he was allowed to call himself Penelope's husband…

~Beauty expressed in erotic lingerie by Coco de Mer~

It isn't surprising that Penelope is also the name for a gorgeous sexy lingerie set by Coco de Mer from the Muse series…
This luxurious lingerie ensemble in black consists of an open halter bra with a lovely hint of transparent pleated mesh that only subtly falls over your cleavage and the top of your bosom. Furthermore, this super sexy, cupless halter bra is open with class and the halter can be tied beautifully with the oversized ribbons at the back.
In addition, we of course have a beauty of a matching thong with a delicious hint of romance because of the lovely scalloped-like pleated edges at the back…

Let your sublime beauty shine through this magnificent erotic lingerie set by Coco de Mer, you do not hide in this, you radiate with mythical sexy power…

You will of course also be able to find this luxury lingerie set at Pleasurements!


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