~The Lingerie Suspenders Design Evolution~

We love the wonderful elastic straps that stretch over thighs and bums plus hold up our stockings in a delightfully sexy way.
Lingerie Suspenders give an extra touch of eroticism to your lingerie ensemble.
Lingerie designers do not sit still, also when it comes to re-inventing the lingerie suspenders. Nowadays, your designer lingerie more often comes with a sublime matching suspender belt.
And the lingerie suspenders of yore are going through a blissful, design evolution.
Exclusive lingerie designers also absolutely showcase their creativity on the lingerie suspenders-front…
And the results of the new-fashioned lingerie suspenders? Stunning!
The lingerie suspenders became more versatile for example, there are suspenders with more than the 'normal' 4 straps, wider straps, or even delicate ones, we've got lingerie suspenders made of leather, and then we also have all the other incredible varieties of beautiful, unique suspender belts that wrap your sexy body, so lushly and beautifully…

~ The New Magic of Lingerie Suspenders ~

It was already mentioned above in a small way that there're now lingerie suspenders that's got these awesome super versatile edges…
And a number of designer lingerie labels find it incredibly cool to create lingerie suspenders that, in addition to their main purpose, is also a harness, an open briefs, or a waspie.
So, the already absolutely sexy lingerie suspender now gets an even more erotic air?
Yes, darling! Oh yes!

At Pleasurements you can find this delightful versatility in the exclusive, erotic lingerie collections of brands like; Bordelle (a.o. the Wilde collection), Tisja Damen (a.o. the Myth collection), Studio PIA (a.o. the Clea collection)…

Amp up your love for lingerie suspenders even more and take a delectable peek at our Pleasurements lingerie suspenders candy-shop...

Lots of Love & Lingerie Suspenders,

~ * ~

Images: Pleasurements

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