How easy and convenient is it to shop for clothing in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL etc.?
It's quite universal aswell…
So, no struggle to read through a complex looking size chart of the different countries/continents when you're shopping online.
It will ease up your life quite a lot if you ask me.
This my dears, that phenomenon is called Easy Sizing!


Just imagine having to produce an item according to the quite oldfashioned, traditional size charts…
So that would entail that you'd be making that item from a size so and so, up to the likes of 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 and so on and so on.
Of course this also has to be done a multitude of times to generate a decent stock per size.
Or when it comes to lingerie; Bra's to be more precise, you'll need to come up with all the possible cup sizes in combination with all possible (under)band/under bust sizes
THÁT is a hell of a lot that would need to be produced!
So Easy Sizing is definitely the hero of this manufacturing-story here…

A lot of times you find that Easy Sized lingerie is also adjustable, especially the bra's then, which is glorious for a perfect fit.
(By the way, a bralette is always Easy Sizing.)

Besides simplifying and reducing the stress on the production front of sized clothing and lingerie, it's a lot easier to purchase Easy Sized lingerie as a sexy gift for your foxy lady this way!


Bordelle; this beautifully bold erotic lingerie brand is just 1 label that embraces Easy Sizing to the max!
And on top of that, most of their items are perfectly adjustable with their 24c gold plated sliders and rings…
Bordelle is one of the very first to introducee Easy sizing into their sassy classy collections.
This is not the only reason we love Bordelle; Our pupils totally dilate with utter love for their stunning bold, cool bondage lingerie aesthetic.
The Easy Sizing is just a fabuliscious bonus for Pleasurements and we promiss you, that you will think the same when you see and wear their array of erotic lingerie.

At Pleasurements, we love Easy Sizing which makes ordering and purchasing all our erotic, exclusive lingerie by high class brands easy-peasy.
And our love for Easy Sizing is also expressed in our very own Private Label.

Why don't you come over and testdrive a stunning Easy Sized exclusive lingerie ensemble by for example Bordelle, in our lingerie shop in Amsterdam?
But of course, you can also check out our webshop for all the lingerie delectables you can crave for…

With Easy Sized Love,


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest

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