Pleasurements 2 years anniversary

Time has flown the past two years for Pleasurements. Pleasurements has managed to become an established name in the world of luxurious lingerie, erotic couture and refined erotics. Lingerie lovers from all over the globe have found their way to us and know that we offer a wide range of luxurious, couture lingerie. I didn't want Pleasurements 2nd anniversary to go by unnoticed. So I contemplated on what I could do for my loyal Pleasurements fans to make a visit to the Pleasurements website even more pleasant. I already know that my lovely naughty fans love the look of the website. But I figured I could make the Pleasurements experience a lot more interesting. So very soon our new website will be live. I promise the romantic boudoir look will be the same. The website however will be improved and will have a lot more navigation possibilities. This will make shopping at Pleasurements even more appealing. And as cherry on the cake, Pleasurements will launch some exquisite new brands. Brands such as; Pleasure State, Argentovivo, Jolidon, La Perla, Naory, Darkest Star, Betty Blue's, Stella McCartney and Something Wicked. Also the new collections by Bordelle, Aubade and Made by Niki will be introduced to you via our gorgeous elegant Pleasurements models. Herewith a little sneak preview of our gorgeous models wearing Pleasure State and Made by Niki. Breathtaking isn't it? Stay tuned.....             
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