Yep,that's about right. It's no lie that we actually do purchase expensive lingerie collections. But that's to make sure we genuinely, RÉÁLLY only carry luxury designer lingerie, valuable exclusive lingerie, delightfully erotic lingerie with that crème de la crème allure…
Opulent, chic, sexy and extraordinarily beautiful.
The most gorgeous haute couture lingerie always ruthlessly appeals to us too.
It's our passion! A passion that we don't keep to ourselves, a passion that we are only too happy to share with true lingerie lovers.

Keeping all the above in mind, it's extremely important to consider the following details in the choices you make in life…and of course in terms of fair, ecologically responsible, ethical -icious, delectably sustainable lingerie.
Pleasurements looks at this and loves it without end…
Not only because we're talking hand-made products here, items that are fairly produced in Europe and by pattern makers from the world of couture, but also because the lingerie is simply the most beautiful and also exudes utter craftsmanship.

Pleasurements for instance, loves brands that produce their exclusive lingerie in this manner and still manage to bedazzle us from an aesthetic point of view.
Think of brands like Studio Pia that only uses ecological, fair, sustainable and enviromentally responsible materials, such as Peace Silk etc. and then go ahead and create the most honest, exquisitely beautiful things. And have a look at Bordelle for example! With the coolest, most beautiful, sexiest, hand-made (in Europe) lingerie works of art!
Pure craftsmanship and, well, yes, of course this is allowed to be kinda reflected in the pricetag, right?
Honest, fair, sustainable, incomparably beautiful, sexy, erotic exclusive lingerie is, you could say, really our forever crush!

With Eco Kisses,

-- Bordelle says; "We are advocates of fair and sustainable production processes and only work with manufacturers who share our work ethics." --

-- Studio PIA says; "The first lingerie brand using exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk." --


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