~ Autumn Outfit~

Autumn is upon us.
And the temperature is still quite fair, but the evenings are becoming a touch cooler.
So, what to wear? What to wear this autumn? What to wear this fall?
What are the fashion trends this season?

The fabulous versatility of a jumpsuit

We ponder, we look, we search for an outfit that will look good in an office setting and is easily transformed into a gorgeously sexy ensemble at night.
We know a jumpsuit for women is still a big hit, right?
And a jumpsuit comes in all kinds of different fashion styles…
A good one can be dressed up, or dressed down to perfection for any occasion; From an office look, to a casual one and even for a night on the town.

A pop of colour

Oh, gosh, there are so many stylishly stunning jumpsuits out there now!
We could just go for a plain black one I suppose…
But why not go for a ladies jumpsuit, with a pop of colour?
For example the Rachel Zoe Liona tie-front satin-crepe jumpsuit with a sexy plunging neckline all the way to the bellybutton, in teal, and brighten this season all the way up (1.).

Oversized blazer

How to wear the jumpsuit during the day, you might wonder?
Pair this delectable onesie with an oversized, organic wool blazer by Bite Studios (2.)….
Yes, this fall that fashion is back too and being embraced by models, designers, editors everywhere.
So, we now have a cool fashionable businessy office look and a bit of warmth too, aaaah lovely!
But what about that plunging neckline?

From plunging neckline to that office-look with an edge

With that amount of plunging neckline of the Rachel Zoe Liona tie-front satin-crepe jumpsuit, all the way to the bellybutton, it's of course not the wisest idea to spill that much fabulous femininity around at the office…
We would want to look classy and perhaps with a bold business-boss-like whiff.

Well, our primary territory at Pleasurements is luxury lingerie, including exclusive lingerie with an edge.
Hands up if you heard of Bordelle?
Edgy, sophisticated, strappy, bondage chic, uber-stylish, fashion-forward and Bordelle has got a glorious amount of pieces that can even be worn to create that trendy lingerie as outerwear look too.
In this jumpsuit tale, Bordelle could come into play with for example the longline bralette in black, from their 10 Year-collection (3.).
A stunning piece, which is an absolute delight to show off from under that jumpsuit!

Autumn night on the town outfit

To sexy up your autumn look, you could remove the Bordelle longline bralette and reveal a lot more of your glorious cleavage.
Maybe just add a gold piece of body jewelry?
Something like the 14c gold, highly versatile Promise Collar, by yours truly, Pleasurements (4.).

Accessories with a hint of gold

To make this Autumn outfit complete, you could go for mainly black accessories with perhaps a touch of gold.
Something like these ravishing, drool-worthy pair of black Louboutin booties with gold mirrored backs (5.)…
What about adding these gorgeous black onyx Ippolita earrings with an 18-karat golden trim?! (6.)
Come, let's add a black strappy bodaciously fierce wrist cuff by Bordelle too (7.).
Okay ladies, we're nearly there, but we do need something to carry our phone and Louboutin lipstick in for sure (8.)…
What about this black faux leather clutch by Stella McCartney to finish the look, or looks off? (9.)

Et Voilà, a bit of versatile Autumn fashion inspiration for ya'll in a onesie!
Or..uhm well, let's just keep calling it a jumpsuit…

You're looking absolutely fab this Autumn, girls!


Images: Pleasurements & Net a Porter

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