~Designer lingerie stories in burgundy, black, and ivory~

Each luxury lingerie line by Tisja Damen has its own storyline with poetic names such as Spirit, Sphinx, Melody, Poetica, Hymn, Myth, Gaea, Gaia, Angel or Siren, Techniques of love, and Dreamer...
Unique designer lingerie designs, actually formed on the body, insanely feminine, with sheer materials from mesh, English silk, Italian Leavers lace and French
Chantilly lace to Swiss embroidered tulle and with sustainability at the forefront.
Everything by Tisja Damen is made with ecstasy and verve in Europe from residual materials as inspiration and not as waste...
Sustainable lingerie, handmade, poetically romantic with a delectably sensual, luxurious vibe... oh gosh! Just try to resist that!

~Designer lingerie by Tisja Damen with Valentine's Day on your mind~

Which designer lingerie color is the best color for Valentine's Day? Red of course!
Color of fiery love, sensual, naughty and the color of utter passion...
Which luxury lingerie materials best suit romantic love?
Lace of course! And not just any random lace, no...we expect sophisticated, lavishly glorious lace, like Leavers lace from Italy or Chantilly lace from France...
Which designer lingerie brand can make these wishes come true for Valentine's Day?
Tisja Damen!

~Shop Tisja Damen's sustainable lingerie at Pleasurements~

Pleasurements loves beautiful lingerie, beautiful designer lingerie, luxurious sustainable lingerie and in this divine picture the blissfully sensual, romantic
lingerie by Tisja Damen feels and is right at home...
Pleasurements has a very special intimate bond with Tisja Damen, also because Tisja Damen helped to design the first luxury lingerie collection for Pleasurements' very own Private Label.
What luscious bliss, right?!
And what about this; The luxury lingerie by Tisja Damen is ideal to give as a Valentine's gift because the designer lingerie by Tisja Damen comes in Easy Sizing-measures, which means that the sizes of this sustainable lingerie brand come in sizes such as Small, Medium, Large.
So spoil your Valentine with love and to your heart's content with all that lush beauty by Tisja Damen...


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