Pleasurements is a lifestyle. A lifestyle full of luxury, excitement and pleasure. Stimulate your imagination and let yourself be inspired. Discover the coolest hotspots, from culinary restaurants, cozy cocktail bars to the most exciting erotic parties. Get addicted to our Literotica, intimate stories and romantic poems brimming with eroticism. Or fall in love with the most beautiful products instantly.

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  • Spring beauties, peace silk, a florilegium expressed in silk lingerie... Everything blooms beautifully this Spring, with color, verve and sensuality!

  • Studio PIA's erotic lingerie is the materialization of lush sustainable materials designed to perfection. Delectable forms and sexiness oozes from every stitch and are made to celebrate your delicious body with flawless love for the planet. Made in Europe, manufactured with utter craftsmanship, all their works of art will have your heart glowing and yearning for more... Expand your erotic lingerie collection to your sustainable hearts' content with the new coral colored Clea by Studio PIA at Pleasurements!

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    The Pleasurements boutique is open again! It's a pleasure to welcome you back to our House of Pleasurements. It is also still possible to exclusively book an private appointment. With pleasure, Rebecca & the ladies of Pleasurements


    You want to know a little about the true beauty of Peace silk? ~ Ahimsa, everyone ~ Ahimsa means 'respect for all living things' in Hi...

  • ~ Seriously beautiful lingerie, inside and out…at Pleasurements ~ Sure, everybody wants beautiful lingerie, right? But when is it genuinely be...