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  • A lot of people are now working from home, during this Corona Lockdown and obeying the Social Distancing rules with people out there as much as possible. If you so happen to share your home with a significant other, you're probably mostly around one another for about 24 hours a day, even while working... Then it's the end of the day, you've worked your perky butts right off and now you bothe need to find some time to switch between work-feels and home-feels, right? In the past couple of months of the Lockdown you've tried all sorts of things to find that moment to unwind together after the day is done. You probably and hopefully managed to squeeze quite a bit of sexual antics into it too. After all, that is highly relaxing of course... What else can be a great unwinder after a hard day at the home-office? (And yes, the answer can quite often lead to some lovely, quality sexy-time too)

  • In a wee nutshell: We can't do anything else but to make the utmost of it. Make it sexy, make it playful, make it absolutely delectable to be together in the safety of your home. And to please you in the most ambrosial ways, also in these Corona-filled nights and days, Pleasurements is here to indulge you...

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    The Pleasurements boutique is open again! It's a pleasure to welcome you back to our House of Pleasurements. It is also still possible to exclusively book an private appointment. With pleasure, Rebecca & the ladies of Pleasurements


    Don't get bored...cause we've got a playsuit for you too! There're plenty of things to focus on while the usual hustle 'n bustle outthere slows down. Plenty of time to spend with your partner and inject some renewed love into the relationship. At Pleasurements we've got lots of items that can be of service in that area; from erotic lingerie, tantalizing accessories, to sexcellent playsuits all available at your fingertips in our webshop. Take your time to love and play...

  • Hoe dingen van de ene op de andere dag zo drastisch kunnen veranderen, hè? Terwijl de buitenwereld het coronavirus probeert te elimineren, zitten velen van ons voorlopig vooral binnen. Als jij en je lover in zelf-isolatie zijn gegaan, dan vind je hopelijk nog meer dan voldoende dingetjes om samen te doen... Heb je misschien wat motivatie nodig? Pleasurements heeft geweldige ideeën voor jullie!