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  • Do you know what? At times like these, with basically less distractions...well for a lot of us in quarantine anyway...we just might become or are a little more mindfull. What on earth do you mean? We just might appreciate things of absolute beauty even more, that's what I mean! Like sustainable silk lingerie for example. We've got more time to look at the awesome details that went into those total works of lingerie art...

  • Studio PIA's erotic lingerie is the materialization of lush sustainable materials designed to perfection. Delectable forms and sexiness oozes from every stitch and are made to celebrate your delicious body with flawless love for the planet. Made in Europe, manufactured with utter craftsmanship, all their works of art will have your heart glowing and yearning for more... Expand your erotic lingerie collection to your sustainable hearts' content with the new coral colored Clea by Studio PIA at Pleasurements!

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    The Pleasurements boutique is open again! It's a pleasure to welcome you back to our House of Pleasurements. It is also still possible to exclusively book an private appointment. With pleasure, Rebecca & the ladies of Pleasurements


    DSTM oftewel "Don't Shoot The Messenger"; Een pracht van een sexy lingerie merk! En nu ook bij Pleasurements te vinden... Wat is er zo gaaf aan DSTM, wat is er zo gaaf aan dit sexy lingerie merk? Het is anders, het is classy, het is stoer, en zo ook hun erotische kleding. Geef meer schwung aan je boudoir met "Don't Shoot The Messenger", maar ook absoluut daarbuiten, want hun kunstwerken zijn ook vaak perfect als sexy outerwear te dragen of te combineren met je buitenkleding...

  • DSTM or in full "Don't Shoot The Messenger"; A ravishingly sexy lingerie brand! And now also available at Pleasurements... So, what's so awesome about DSTM, what's so strikingly stunning about this sexy lingerie brand? It's different, it's classy, it's bold, and that also counts for their erotic clothing. Bring more swing to your boudoir with "Don't Shoot The Messenger", but absolutely also beyond, 'cause their showpieces are often also perfect to combine with your outerwear...