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  • Wees dat stukje sexy magie, zelfs terwijl je in deze vreemde Corona-dagen (en nachten) in quarantaine zit. Omhul jezelf in prachtig kant, versier jezelf met items die jou een waanzinnig goed gevoel geven. Don't dress down meiden, Dress up en juist vooral nu. Doe jezelf die glorieus grootste gunst! Het is als magie hoeveel impact het zal heeft op je innerlijke en uiterlijke sexy-tude en je zult van oor tot oor glimlachen. Kleed jezelf bijvoorbeeld in de weelderigheid van de magnifiek magnetische items van Maison Close. Uiteraard verkrijgbaar in de Pleasurements webshop. Als je niet naar ons kunt komen, komen wij graag naar jou.

  • Yeah, we know; Staying home as much as we need to right now can have an impact on the way we dress and find that we dress down a lot more... You might look down now and see those yoga pants, slippers and possibly that comfy oversized top. But why? Doesn't it just feel awesomely good to keep dressing yourself up? And because you're self-isolating, you can wear all those lush things you might not necessarily wear outside or to the office... What about that all-new vegan leather lingerie collection by DSTM you just caught a glimpse of in the Pleasurements webshop? That is just something that could make you feel happily sexy, prancing about the house! Maybe you wear it under a stunning gown, see-through dress, or that DSTM Lota dress with all that yummy fringe-ness. Dress up mès chéries! Don't dress down...

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    The Pleasurements boutique is open again! It's a pleasure to welcome you back to our House of Pleasurements. It is also still possible to exclusively book an private appointment. With pleasure, Rebecca & the ladies of Pleasurements


    Do you know what? At times like these, with basically less distractions...well for a lot of us in quarantine anyway...we just might become or are a little more mindfull. What on earth do you mean? We just might appreciate things of absolute beauty even more, that's what I mean! Like sustainable silk lingerie for example. We've got more time to look at the awesome details that went into those total works of lingerie art...

  • There's nothing else we talk about nowadays. It is what it is... We need to deal with the Corona situation as best as we can. And we try to make the most of it, with love...