Tisja Damen... This sublime lingerie design-goddess, writes your story too... An endlessly beautiful, exclusive lingerie story. It's got romance, suspense, it's sensationally sensual & erotic... How do you weave this so sumptuously & aesthetically fabulous together into a story?

The Divine Tisja Damen... We're talking about exclusive lingerie, you really, genuinely crave to show off! You want to flaunt it & have everyone whisper it on and lust for more... You want to tell this lingerie - tale, the story of romantic eyelashed lace with a mischievous excentric twist... Beautifully written, like a poem, with a fantastic sense for the exclusive lingerie design genre.

The Divine Collection... Exceptional majestic lace, magnificent silk, her exclusive lingerie designs are fabulous & ever so lush. And Tisja has written us a new chapter, the Divine collection has now been added to her gorgeous, delectable, romantic, sensual oeuvre!

Her lingerie tale continues on, endless & beautifully so... With passion, with suspense, with romantic flair, with allure, enchanting...we are spellbound.


Images: Pleasurements

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