Illustrious illustrator does not fully cover the load when it comes to Etta Shon…
Hmmm, how shall we explain it then?
In the most simplistic way we could say that Etta Shon's a profound founder of Live Visual Content Creation of luxury events in fashion, beauty and technology.
Which entails that she makes it an art to digitally, among other things, draw live for her clients at luxury events and so on…
This of course mainly for advertising, marketing and branding purposes…
But the great thing is, the wonderful thing is that it's art…art beautifully decorated by stunning simplicity.

Why are we actually talking about Etta Shon?
Well, Etta Shon usually creates a lot of visual content for a lot of luxury, high-end brands and also so many cool things for one of our most favorite bondage lingerie brands, Bordelle!
And the bond between Bordelle and Etta Shon has now been deepened even further because Bordelle has ventured into an unbelievably cool collab with Etta Shon; She's the designer of the embroidered tulle that is used in the new Moa collection…

The embroidered tulle, or perhaps more like custom lace of the Moa line, doesn't beat about the bush and is delightfully embellished with nude feminine figures in all kinds of positions…

Etta Shon, everything you create is a feast for every fashionista's eyes, but what you so superbly designed this time for erotic lingerie label Bordelle, gives us butterflies in our belly…we're so crazy in love right now!

Ladies…yes, YES, you can now Pre-order the Moa collection by Bordelle at Pleasurements!
~ By the way, do you follow Etta Shon on insta already? ~

~ * ~

Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest

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