~Sweet Valentine, You Are Gold ~

…We know something else that is incredibly lush & beautiful for Valentine's Day…
Sexy lingerie, erotic lingerie, romantic lingerie? (Yes, of course we have that too, hihi)
A wild night in a hotel perhaps?
Jewelry, Chocolate, Champagne?
Those are all wonderful Valentine's gifts of course too! Sure!
But what do you think of golden body jewelry?
Golden chains that embrace the most beautiful bits of your body…

~Pleasurements Body jewelry is Purrrfect as a Valentine's gift ~

Besides sexy lingerie, romantic lingerie or erotic lingerie, what else says that you love your body?
And what else will tell you that your Valentine loves your body too (and of course everything within)?
Jewels, right? Ornate golden chains…
And that is exactly what Pleasurements is totally crazy about too; body jewelry.

14K gold vermeil body jewelry composed of chains that, for example, drop down beautifully from a sublimely exquisite choker, down between your breasts, then splits off, drapes around your waist, to then come together at the small of your back.
Blissfully gently, the chains swoosh against your skin with every sultry movement you make…

And in addition to the Promise Choker described above (which can also be magnificently worn as a stunning choker), the Play golden handcuffs (delectably transformable into two lushly gorgeous bracelets), the Pleasure body jewel, Pleasurements has added something else to their Private Label and that is the Purrrfect Belly Chain…Absolute eye candy!
Besides, you don't only have to wear them in the boudoir, they are also incredibly irresistible to wear with your outerwear…
And oh yes! A few of these body jewels can also be combined perfectly with each other!

So, why don't we all get awesomely tangled in gold?

Treat yourself, or be indulged by your Valentine because you are gold…

Lots of love & golden body jewelry,

~ * ~

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