~Erotic Lingerie~

... But then of haute class, sublimely beautiful, stimulating, with a magnificent sexy edge...
Only the most high-end erotic lingerie is featured here at Pleasurements, consisting of the most stunning materials framing your body.
And only the most formidable designers are featured here.
Why wouldn't you want to wrap yourself in the most delicious erotic lingerie this Easter and this Spring?

~Spring, a fertile show of nature~

All is tingly, the world wiggles and fondles, and procreates vehemently with titillating verve...
Everywhere you go, even beneath the earth mating dances of creatures are in full swing, especially the males do their best to appeal to the ladies!
It's spring and we feel it too...
Cause it's ever so contagious on us humans, and those butterflies in our stomach cannot be tamed.
The answer to this is utter temptation; dress up in high-end erotic lingerie and seduce the pants of our lovers for satisfying sexual delights in the boudoir.

~At our Easter-best in erotic lingerie~

Easter, it's actually more of a fertility party!
A (possible) origin of Easter can also be traced back to the German and English words for Easter -Ostern and Easter, respectively- and these words are derived from the old Germanic goddess of fertility: Eostre.
Anyway, every reason to have a sexy party in erotic lingerie, right?
Dress up in your Easter best with Pleasurements and be absolutely irresistible in high-end erotic lingerie...


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