Indulge your desires with Anoeses, bondage-inspired lingerie & luxurious leather BDSM accessories to set the mood. Anoeses inspires you to explore your deepest erotic fantasies in style with premium quality products on the edge of fetish and fashion. Anoeses provides the best erotic outfits for your next party. From leather lingerie and luxury bondage accessories to erotic see-through clothing, Anoeses has covered you. All pieces are enriched with gold-plated hardware.

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  1. Soft Leather Blindfold Mask
    Designer:Anoeses Soft Leather Blindfold Mask
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  2. Amaya Harness Black
    Designer:Anoeses Amaya Harness Black
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Anoeses is a Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism that was founded in 2018.

Eroticism — is the aesthetic of sexual desire. This term covers everything that surrounds sex: touch, smell, move, sound, and word. It is sexuality that is enlightened by human imagination.

Anoeses fulfill erotic desires, satisfy curiosity and awake sensuality.

Anoeses takes its start from the relationship of Kostya and Katya Savvopulo. Their growth as a couple shows the power of interdependency, secure attachment style, and co-creation, which reflects in the rise of the brand.

The brand name has derived from the psychological term —anoesis. It's the feeling when our brain can receive pure impressions or sensations without cognitive context. They playfully changed the letter 'i' for 'e'.