All Bordelle

All Bordelle

Bordelle, a renowned English brand, specializes in luxury bondage lingerie. Known for its custom satin elastic straps, 24-carat gold plated accents, and zippers, Bordelle offers a powerful permanent collection of signature bondage lingerie available year-round. Additionally, exclusive seasonal collections are introduced twice a year, often inspired by powerful women. Explore Bordelle's innovative designs that blend expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge fashion.

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    Welcome to Bordelle

    Discover the luxury of Bordelle, where London's opulence meets seductive aesthetics and high-end craftsmanship. Each piece, made from fine materials like satin, mesh, and lace, is adorned with 24k gold-plated accents and zippers.

    Bordelle Classic Collection

    Explore the timeless Classics collection, blending bondage lingerie with elegance.

    Bordelle Seasonal Collections

    Bordelle's seasonal collections celebrate desire, empowerment, and femininity, inspired by powerful women. Each collection is a symphony of sensuality and fashion:

    Alta: Luxurious details and materials.

    Circe: Enchanting designs and delicate fabrics.

    Cadi: Elegant lingerie symbolizing confidence.

    Dia: Where fashion and sensuality converge.

    Essentials II: Pieces expressing unique sensuality.

    Kleio: Limited edition embodying passion and power.

    Cymatic: Lingerie as a canvas for sensual artistry.

    Visit Pleasurements for exclusive and sensual creations, where sensuality is elevated to an art form.