Coco de Mer Fuji

Get inspired by the beauty of Japan and let Coco de Mer's luxury erotic lingerie collection Fuji enchant you with stunning smooth silk satin and graphic embroidered eyelashed lace, which creates a mysterious see-through effect of luscious lace shadows on your skin. Take black lace lingerie to the next level with Coco de Mer Fuji. 

Model View

One of our erotic lingerie favorites, Coco de Mer, takes us to early modern Japan during the Edo Period of erotic artistic tradition with graphic images of sexual activity. This beautiful inspirational source translates into an extraordinary erotic luxury lingerie collection Fuji, featuring jet black silk and eyelashed laces with graphic embroideries.

The showstopping lace used for the Fuji collection reflects the Japanese fan waved out over your beautiful body with a mysteriously sexy see-through sneak peek. The lacing is created with scalloped or so-called eyelashed edges, which adds a dramatic glamourous effect. The luscious, luxurious lace blends beautifully together with the sensual, sultry silk paneling. 

Fuji by Coco de Mer consists of a showstopper of an open halter bra with erotic quarter cups and a neckline worth showing off underneath a deep v-neck top or sheer blouse. Both the thong and the ouvert brief are a real asset to flatter your best assets, while the suspender has a figure-hugging fit in the waist to accentuate your sexy hourglass silhouette. And the Fuji bodysuit, oh that bodysuit, is stunning with its wide long sleeves, thong body design, deep v-neck, and open back. 

The Coco de Mer Fuji collection in jet black lace and silk is one hell of a luxury erotic lingerie collection that knows how to set the tone and will take you back to the inspirational source of the erotic art era in Japan.