Ethical Lingerie

Ethical Lingerie

With Pleasurements it's all about sustainable lingerie with a fair production. We are therefore always looking for unique luxury lingerie brands with a consciousness. Bordelle, Tisja Damen and Studio Pia are one of our favorite sustainable lingerie brands. For example, Bordelle and Tisja Damen only use recycled materials and side from Europe. Studio Pia adds a little extra by adding 'Peace' Silk to the eco-friendly list.

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  1. Minerva Longline Bodice Bra Red
    Designer:Bordelle Minerva Longline Bodice Bra Red
    Regular price
  2. Adjustable Classic Waspie Red
    Designer:Bordelle Adjustable Classic Waspie Red
    Regular price
  3. Push-up Bra Red
    Designer:Bordelle Push-up Bra Red
    Regular price
  4. Show Girl Bodysuit Black
    Designer:Pleasurements Show Girl Bodysuit Black
    Regular price
  5. Bondage Belle Longline Bralette Ivory
    Designer:Bordelle Bondage Belle Longline Bralette Ivory
    Regular price
  6. Naga Bodysuit Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Naga Bodysuit Black
    Regular price
  7. Soraya Silk Robe Ivory
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Silk Robe Ivory
    Regular price
  8. Soraya Strap Brief Ivory
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Strap Brief Ivory
    Regular price
  9. Hotspot Ouvert Black
    Designer:Pleasurements Hotspot Ouvert Black
    Regular price
  10. Bondage Webbed Suspender Black
    Designer:Bordelle Bondage Webbed Suspender Black
    Regular price
  11. Bondage Webbed Garters Black
    Designer:Bordelle Bondage Webbed Garters Black
    Regular price
  12. Flirtini Playsuit Black
    Designer:Pleasurements Flirtini Playsuit Black
    Regular price
  13. Harness Thong Red
    Designer:Bordelle Harness Thong Red
    Regular price
  14. Soraya Longline Bra Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Longline Bra Black
    Regular price
  15. Tomoe Harness Brief Red
    Designer:Bordelle Tomoe Harness Brief Red
    Regular price
  16. Soraya Strap Thong Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Strap Thong Black
    Regular price

What is ethical lingerie with a conscience?

Well, lovely green lingerie lovers, first of all, ethical lingerie is characterized by a sustainable production process under fair working conditions in ateliers within Europe to guarantee the most high-end quality. Secondly, lingerie with a conscience consists of fabrics and materials that keep the welfare of our planet in mind. For example, recycled tulle or mesh lingerie, vegan leather lingerie, and organic peace-silk lingerie. And finally, sustainable lingerie is a genuinely sustainable investment thanks to the high production standards. With good taking care of your lovely ethical lingerie garments, you can eNjoy them to the fullest.

So if you want to do good by our planet, choose luxury lingerie with a conscience from high-end designers like Bordelle, Tisja Damen, Studio Pia, DSTM, and many more. With top designers as these beautiful lingerie brands as pioneers for ethical lingerie, hopefully, more will follow. Because the ethical aspect in lingerie only makes it more attractive and feel better both on your body and in your mind.

At Pleasurements, we are always on the lookout for unique brands with eco-friendly lingerie visions and ethical lingerie collections to bring you the latest design trends. So if you want to start living more sustainable, dress like it, with Pleasurements' vast collection of sustainable lingerie with a conscience. Shop your favorite vegan leather bra, recycled tulle bodysuit, or peace-silk panties in the most incredible luxurious designs, and all made carefully by hand, which shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of designer lingerie best.

Indulge your conscience and go green with Pleasurements' ethical & sustainable lingerie.