Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal

Discover Fleur du Mal, a US based designer brand with fashion focused luxury lingerie. Launched in 2012 and grown into a globally beloved brand in ten years. So we are proud to make you acquainted with Fleur du Mal at Pleasurements.

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Fleur du Mal

Meet Fleur du Mal, a fashion inspired luxury lingerie brand that shares Pleasurements vision of styling lingerie as outwear. This US lingerie brand launched in 2012 with a small boutique and grew out to be a worldwide beloved brand, which we are proud to introduce at Pleasurements. Fleur du Mal knows luxury and fashion forward, yet classic, designs. Pure silk lingerie designs make a luxurious lingerie look, inspired by fashion and can even be part of your outerwear. Because why hide it, when your lingerie is so beautiful. Literally translated, Fleur du Mal stands for flower of evil, which is a nod to the delicacy and softness of a flower with the seductive and naughty twist of evil. They say that opposites attract and these two opposites of lingerie make a lady look and feel truly irresistible.