Instruments of Pleasure

Instruments of Pleasure

Pursue pleasure and what better way to please than with Pleasurements' instruments of pleasure. Indulge yourself or your beloved with the right tools to opt your love game. Relish in the most thrilling, rousing instruments of pleasure by Lelo, Lora di Carlo, La Gemmes, and others.

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Pleasurements' Instruments of Pleasure

Enrich your love life with Pleasurements' instruments of pleasure. Pleasurements' founder and owner Rebecca carefully selected this exclusive collection of the most high-end love toys to indulge you with the right tools to elevate your love game. So discover instruments of pleasure by Lelo, Lora di Carlo, La Gemmes, and others.

Lelo Instruments of Pleasure

Lelo is a Swedish love toys brand, founded in 2003, with a great eye for the beauty of intimate designs. High-end quality, innovation, and the combination of digital technology and human sensation distinct Lelo from others. Their 24k gold and silver instruments of pleasure must be the most popular, beloved, and desired of all.

Lora di Carlo Instruments of Pleasure

Another technology-driven love toys designer we adore is Lora di Carlo. The award-winning tech path to pleasure won the robotics innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association. Lora di Carlo's instruments of pleasure differentiate themselves with micro-robotics mimicking the touch of a finger or tongue onto your most sensitive intimates.

La Gemmes Instruments of Pleasure

Unlike the thrilling sensation of other love toy designers, Le Gemmes features the power of crystals given by mother earth. Give in to your desires with instruments of pleasure crafted from 100% gemstones. Every gemstone has a different power as Rose Quartz stands for love and the heart or Amethyst relieves stress and negative energy.

There is an instrument of pleasure for everybody, so take matters in your own hand or hand over control to your beloved and relish in Pleasurements' instruments of pleasure.