Lace Lingerie

Lace Lingerie

Every lady adores lace lingerie. Lace Lingerie is luxurious, elegant, and very feminine. A beautiful embellishment for the female body. Discover lace lingerie brands such as Maison Close, Tisja Damen, Studio Pia, Bordelle, Coco de Mer, yours truly Pleasurements, and many more.

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  1. Naga Bodysuit Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Naga Bodysuit Black
    Regular price
  2. Soraya Longline Bra Ivory
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Longline Bra Ivory
    Regular price
  3. Soraya Bustier Ivory
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Bustier Ivory
    Regular price
  4. Meadow Bound Longline Bra Green
    Designer:Posie Meadow Bound Longline Bra Green
    Regular price
  5. Soraya Plunge Bra Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Plunge Bra Black
    Regular price
  6. Alta Open Wire Bra Black
    Designer:Bordelle Alta Open Wire Bra Black
    Regular price
  7. Soraya Strap Thong Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Strap Thong Black
    Regular price
  8. Naga Plunge Bra Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Naga Plunge Bra Black
    Regular price
  9. Soraya Longline Bra Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Longline Bra Black
    Regular price
  10. Final Hour Bra Black
    Designer:Undress Code Final Hour Bra Black
    Regular price
  11. Dahlia Bralette Burgundy
    Designer:Posie Dahlia Bralette Burgundy
    Regular price
  12. Hydrangea Bralette Blue
    Designer:Posie Hydrangea Bralette Blue
    Regular price
  13. Alta Thong Lemon
    Designer:Bordelle Alta Thong Lemon
    Regular price
  14. Naga Longline Bra Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Naga Longline Bra Black
    Regular price
  15. Echoes Soft Cup Bra Ivory
    Designer:Tisja Damen Echoes Soft Cup Bra Ivory
    Regular price
  16. Dahlia Brazilian Knickers Burgundy
    Designer:Posie Dahlia Brazilian Knickers Burgundy
    Regular price

Discover lace lingerie at Pleasurements

Lace lingerie oozes romance and always adds a whole lot of mystery to your boudoir look. Discover the most delicate laces like French leavers lace lingerie or other lace luxury lingerie at Pleasurements.

The lace lingerie collection you'll find at Pleasurements is exclusive and often made by hand. Luxury lace lingerie is so diverse; every lace fabric has its own patterns and beauty. One can be more rigid, the other softer, and again another might even be stretch lace. Laces can be embroidered like floral lingerie or sheer like see through lingerie, but Pleasurements is best known for the French Leavers lace and Chantilly lace.

Putting a bra together with such delicate fabrics as lace is a costly process in time and labor and therefore results in expensive lingerie. Pleasurements' lace lingerie designers manufacture their luxury lace lingerie within Europe to guarantee the sustainability of the designs and a fair and ethical lingerie production process. A lace lingerie set from Pleasurements is, therefore, a real investment, 100% worth it.

Discover our carefully selected collection of lace bras, lace panties, lace suspenders, lace bodysuits, or even lace dresses from top designers like Tisja Damen, Maison Close, Pleasurements, Studio Pia, Coco de Mer, Amoralle, and many others.

"I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin." - Coco Chanel

Get inspired by Pleasurements' luxury lace lingerie and please also feast your eyes on our following lace collections.

Lace body lingerie

Is a lace body lingerie? For us, lace bodies are one of the most romantic lace lingerie expressions but a lace bodysuit is so much more than lingerie, so create a luscious lace look with your outerwear as well. Discover all sorts of lace bodies in our beautiful collection from stretch lace to more rigid, completely see-through, or more covered, super exclusive, and expensive French Chantilly or Leavers lace or sexy lace bodysuits, we have it all.

Lace see through bra

Spoil your lovely ladies with a lace see through bra, the romance of lace lingerie blended with the eroticism of see through lingerie. See through lace bras come in all colors and designs, from a black lace see through bra to an ivory see through lace bra and from halter to quarter cup, all with a sheer layer of exquitite lace over your beautiful bosom.

Lace see through dress

Discover the most romantic of all see through dresses, the lace see through dress. A black lace see through dress is a classic every lady should own, one at the least. Discover our beautiful collection of see through lace dresses, inspired by lace lingerie which you can also wear underneath to match your lace look. Or wear nothing underneath and show some skin. Eitherweay, with Pleasurements' collection lace see through dresses you'll say yes to the dress.