Luxury Corset

Luxury Corset

Once you've seen Pleasurements' luxury corsets, you will see that the corset is anything but old -fashioned. A luxury corset is the trend under luxury lingerie because of its exclusive lush. So discover luxury corsets, bustiers and basques from Bordelle, Studio Pia, Maison Close and others.

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  1. Soraya Bustier Ivory
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Bustier Ivory
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  2. Soraya Bustier Black
    Designer:Studio Pia Soraya Bustier Black
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  3. Chambre Noir Waspie Black
    Designer:Maison Close Chambre Noir Waspie Black
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  4. Aubade Basque Black
    Designer:Aubade Aubade Basque Black
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Feast your eyes on the luxury corset, rediscovered an all trending in Pleasurements' luxury lingerie collections. A corset is no longer laced-up by endless strings, no, now we see luxury corsets bustiers and basques with back zipppers or gold plated fasteners. The corset is no longer just a garnment to shape the body, it is a showpiece of luxury and expensive lingerie.

What is a luxury corset?

Other namings for a luxury corset can be a bustier or a basque, for luxury corsets are no longer just the old-fashioned tight-fitted bodice for women to shape their figure. Nowadays, a luxury corset is an expression of luxury lingerie or bondage lingerie, a statement piece to wow your spectator(s). Of course, we have different variations of luxury corsets, from Bordelle's bondage basque's or Studio Pia's lingerie bustiers. The older way to lace-up a corset is not in our collection at the moment, but luxury lingerie designers found even more beautiful, luxurious, and ways to easier put on a luxury corset, the 24k gold plated back zipper or golden clips so that you can put on your corset, bustier or basque yourself instead of needing someone to lace-up the endless meters of strings.

Also a luxury corset is not mainly to shape the figure, although our corsets, bustiers and basques feature a figure-hugging fit, but the main focus is on flattering the feminine figure with the most beautiful luxury lingerie like sexy straps, exquisite embroidery or see-through tulle. A luxury corset still features some ribs but is more flexible, comfortable and wearable than traditional corsets. You can wear luxury corsets bustiers or basques as lingerie but also combined with your outerwear following the latest lingerie-as-outerwear trend.