Luxury Lingerie

Luxury Lingerie

Discover luxury lingerie from top designers such as Bordelle, Couture de Nuit, Marjolaine, Murmur, Pleasurements, Posie, Studio Pia, Tisja Damen, and Undress Code. These brands offer a unique blend of style and sensuality, crafted from luxurious, sustainably sourced materials. Experience elegance and sustainable luxury with this curated collection.

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  1. Leather Suspender
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather Suspender
    Regular price
  2. Leather Bustier
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather Bustier
    Regular price
  3. Leather Corset
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather Corset
    Regular price
  4. Leather Bralette
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather Bralette
    Regular price
  5. Leather Panty
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather Panty
    Regular price
  6. Leather High Rise Thong
    Designer:The Equestrian Leather High Rise Thong
    Regular price
  7. Sheerly Irresistible Body Black
    Designer:Pleasurements Sheerly Irresistible Body Black
    Regular price
  8. Echoes Peep Brief Ivory
    Designer:Tisja Damen Echoes Peep Brief Ivory
    Regular price
  9. Echoes Soft Cup Bra Ivory
    Designer:Tisja Damen Echoes Soft Cup Bra Ivory
    Regular price
  10. Dia Cupless Body Lemon
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Cupless Body Lemon
    Regular price
  11. Dia Cupless Body Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Cupless Body Morello
    Regular price
  12. Dia Cupless Body Black
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Cupless Body Black
    Regular price
  13. Cadi Body Lemon
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Body Lemon
    Regular price
  14. Cadi Body Morello
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Body Morello
    Regular price
  15. Cadi Body Black
    Designer:Bordelle Cadi Body Black
    Regular price
  16. Dia Suspender Lemon
    Designer:Bordelle Dia Suspender Lemon
    Regular price

The Allure of Luxury Lingerie: A Symphony of Elegance and Sensuality

At Pleasurements, we specialize in European luxury lingerie that magnifies your allure and captivates the senses. Whether you're looking to complement your intimate apparel with additional layers of sensuality or seeking standalone pieces that speak volumes, we offer an array of options that celebrate your confidence, empowerment, freedom, and elegance.

The Quintessence of European Luxury Lingerie

What sets European luxury lingerie apart? Beyond the exquisite fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship, luxury lingerie serves as an empowering testament to a woman's self-assurance and sensuality. Originating from countries renowned for their sartorial finesse, European lingerie is the epitome of femininity, captivating in its design and endless in its versatility. From translucent French leavers laces to body-contouring designs adorned with 24k gold-plated hardware, each piece elevates your intimate wardrobe to an art form.

Private Shopping: An Exclusive Boudoir Experience

For those who desire a truly personalized experience, Pleasurements offers private shopping by appointment in our boudoir. This intimate setting is the ultimate luxury destination for you and your lover(s), allowing you to explore and select pieces that speak directly to your individual tastes and desires. Let our experts guide you through the world of high-end European lingerie, offering suggestions that cater to your unique aesthetic and needs.

The Ultimate Experience in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam? Make your journey even more unforgettable by indulging in the perfect luxury experience: private shopping at Pleasurements. Our city, known for its charm and sophistication, provides the ideal backdrop for exploring our exclusive European lingerie collection. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and sensuality, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and desire.

The Essence of Pleasurements

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Pleasurements is an emporium for the sensual soul. We offer a curated collection of exclusive European lingerie, erotic clothing, and sumptuous bondage accessories. We are the epitome of luxury and style, providing the finest designs for those who seek to enhance their love lives with elegance and exclusivity.

Luxury European Lingerie Brands

Our selection features prestigious European brands like Bordelle, Couture de Nuit, Marjolaine, Murmur, Posie, Studio Pia, Tisja Damen, and Undress Code. Each brand brings its unique flavor of design, quality, and sustainability to our crème de la crème of luxury lingerie. From French leavers laces, Italian mesh, and Swiss embroidered tulle to Indian peace silk, our offering transcends the ordinary and becomes an addiction unto itself.

A Realm of Exclusivity

At Pleasurements, each piece of luxury European lingerie is carefully selected and extremely limited in availability, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to your purchase. We ensure that each item you receive is elegantly wrapped and discreetly delivered to your doorstep.

Elevate Your Collection

Whether you're seeking luxurious bras from Studio Pia, sumptuous nightwear by Marjolaine, or opulent bodysuits by Bordelle, we have something to cater to every discerning individual. Don't miss out on our range of luxury sex toys and divine panties and bras by Tisja Damen and Undress Code that perfectly complement your luxury lingerie sets.

Let Pleasurements be your sanctuary of love and pleasure, a place where European elegance, sensuality, and luxury intertwine. Indulge in your deepest desires and embrace the lifestyle you've always dreamt of. After all, love isn't blind.