Quarter Cup Bras

Quarter Cup Bras

Discover the Erotic Beauty of Beautiful Quarter Cup Bras, Made of Most Refined Materials from Luxury Brands Such As Bordelle, Studio Pia, Coco de Mer and Own Brand, Pleasurements. The Quarter Cup Bra Lifts Your Bossom Naturally With Underwired Cups That Reveal Your Nipples Erotically. Spoil your lovely ladies with Quarter Cup bras for a real feast for the eyes.

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  1. Gia Shelf Open Bra Ivory
    Designer:Bordelle Gia Shelf Open Bra Ivory
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  2. Gia Shelf Bra Caramel
    Designer:Bordelle Gia Shelf Bra Caramel
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  3. Gia Shelf Open Bra Black
    Designer:Bordelle Gia Shelf Open Bra Black
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What is a quarter cup bra?

Quarter cup bras are erotic bras that give your blossom a nice lift, where your nipples are usually uncovered. Super sexy with enough support. Unlike other bras, the cups are not full or half, but a quarter of the cup, as the name does already suspect. But the quarter cup bra also goes by another name, the shelf bra. Quarter bras and shelf bras always ensure support for your beautiful bosom, whether it is with wired cups or a supporting underbust band or strap. The quarter cup can be made of tulle or lace, but can also be reinforced with foam for extra support.

A quarter bra is an ultimate showpiece for your erotic lingerie, but without compromising that luxurious look & feel. As Pleasurements knows how to find the perfect balance between luxury lingerie with a touch (or overdose) of eroticism, this is the place to find the most exclusive quarter cup bras. Whether you long for a retro-chic one, a lace, leather, or silk quarter cup, or maybe a strappy shelf bra with satin elastic straps.

Thanks to Pleasurements' lingerie designers using 'easy sizing' bras, it is much easier to find the perfectly fitting quarter cup bra for your lovely ladies.

Some quarter cup bras play with design and lay a small lace layer or straps over the nipples. Continue the game and wear pasties together with a quarter cup bra. Now, your nipples are covered and you leave something more to guess about... It is your game. Game on. ;)